Wild & Free Bohemian Editorial Fashion Shoot in Salt River, Arizona

At the end of my busy fall season last year, I took a week off to relax and explore Arizona. During that time I reconnected with this adventurous soul and had a little photoshoot in the beautiful Salt River. The whole time we were exploring, I was in awe. Indiana has its own charm but the beauty that's in Phoenix is something else entirely. On a side note, I'm a big WestWorld fan so shooting in a spot like this was surreal. If you haven't seen the show yet, finish scrolling through this post and go watch it!

Model: Chloe Antilla | Clothing: Urban Outfitters, Pitaya (Bloomington), Forever 21


Sierra & Josh Garden Inspired Wedding in Bloomington Indiana


There was a weekend in June where it was *surprisingly* not humid (thanks, Indiana) and we had a steady high of 75 with lots of sunshine. Sierra and Josh happened to have their dreamy nuptials that weekend at Sycamore Farms in Bloomington, and I'm so excited to finally share them! Sierra and Josh are best friends - can you tell? Not only is their love so strong (Josh wrote and sang their first dance song, how sweet is that?!), but they could laugh endlessly with each other. I loved being able to capture this day with their friends and family alongside.


Rachel & Matt Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding


Every wedding has a different feel to it, but Rachel and Matt's wedding was one of the happiest weddings I've been to, from start to finish. The reception was the type of party where everyone is dancing - children, friends, family, strangers. It was a celebration that everyone wanted to be a part of, and I'm so happy I was a part of it too! Scroll through to see some of my favorites from their beautiful wedding in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Second Shooting by Arianna Marie Photography.


Aubree & Nick Lake Michigan Dunes Engagement Session

Aubree & Nick Lake Michigan Dunes Engagement Session

I knew the minute I saw Aubree's inquiry in my inbox that we were going to get along perfectly. Her and Nick are two adventurous souls who are up for anything and really, just really, love each other. During their consultation I threw out the idea of heading up to the dunes for their engagement session and they jumped on it! We picked a date, booked a couple Airbnb's, and met up on a windy day in May to explore and celebrate their engagement. I'm so thankful to have these two as clients and friends. Scroll through to see their love come to life.

Jamie & Sam Joshua Tree Engagement Session

Jamie & Sam Joshua Tree Engagement Session

Out of a series of events, somehow I ended up in Joshua Tree shooting this beautiful couple's engagement session. There's something special about the desert terrain - it's muted tones, how it comes to life after sunset. I think I fell in love the moment I stepped out of the car. But more so, I think I fell in love with these two. Jamie and Sam are the type of people who have an endless amount of love for each other and hearts that want to explore the world, hand in hand.