hey, I'm courtney 

natural light lover and breakfast enthusiast


I'm Courtney, a wedding & portrait photographer located in Bloomington, Indiana. I change my hair color WAY too often, plan travel quicker than I can keep up with, and I'm a strong believer in having breakfast for every meal. I'm recently engaged to my high school sweetheart – the one who introduced me to my first film camera (thanks babe!) We spend most of our free time with our kitty Pepper (@pepperthesiberiancat for the cat ladies out there #holla), but on a breezy day you can find us at the lake with a nice lil' bonfire and a s'more in hand.

I'll be real with you – I didn't plan on being a wedding photographer. I spent my high school years following around my friends with a camera, capturing every little moment I could. But when I stumbled into the world of wedding photography in college I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to do. It gives me the opportunity to capture feelings, personalities, and all the other good stuff that goes into a wedding day. And on top of all that, these happy-cry-inducing pictures mean as much to you as they do to me. That's the cherry on top. I've got the #bestjobever and I wouldn't wanna be doin' anything else.


@agirlnamedcourtney / @courtneysinclairphotography