This isn't my first rodeo so I'm here to put your mind at ease

01. What's your approach to shooting?
My goal is to capture you as you are, so I'll give as much direction and guidance as needed to create genuine, real moments. No matter how awkward you think you are, I promise you won't be with me behind the camera yelling "yaaaasssss!!" 

02. What's your photography style?
My style is tailored to each wedding I photograph, but in general I have a bright, colorful, film-inspired style. I like true-to-life colors, a lil' bit of grain, and good natural light. I'll take out any unwanted blemishes but I stay away from changing body parts – that's just not my vibe. 

03. Do you travel?
Heeeelllll yeah I do! I'm located in Bloomington, IN but I do happily travel for weddings and sessions throughout the year! Travel sessions will include lodging for a minimum of 2 nights, flight, and rental car. For a custom quote just fill out a contact form and I'll get back to you ASAP (unless I'm asleep, because this girl needs those 9+ hours of sleep).

04. What's that first look thing?
Instead of seeing each other for the first time at the alter, we'll set up a time earlier in the day for you two to have a private moment together. I love first looks for a few reasons – first, it's private. You get to talk to each other, cry a little, and talk about how awesome you look and how excited you are to get married! Secondly, it means that you can do 75% of the formal pictures before your ceremony. That means once you say "I do" and you walk down that aisle, it's time to party! There is no wrong or right here, it just comes down to what feels right to you. I do recommend that if you aren't doing a first look that you have a cocktail hour after your ceremony to allow enough time for portraits. 

05. Why don't you include a second shooter in your packages?
I shoot 9 out of 10 weddings on my own and I am 1000% comfortable with it. If you're still unsure, we'll talk through your day and if I think a second shooter would be beneficial, I'll tell you. Here are a few instances where they come in handy: 1) if you aren't doing a first look, 2) you're having a large wedding (300+ people), or 3) you and your partner are getting ready in locations far from each other and you want coverage of both of you getting ready. I want you to get the most out of your day and if a second photographer is gonna help, I'll make sure you know!

06. Do you have back up gear?
I have 2 cameras on me the day of a wedding, along with multiple lenses, batteries, memory cards, and flash equipment. The second I get home from a wedding, those precious GBs of pictures go on to my computer and are uploaded to cloud storage where they're safe and sound. 

07. Discounts? Budgets? HELP.
Look, I feel you. You're working with a strict budget but you want beautiful wedding pictures and you don't really know what to do. When you book your wedding photographer, you aren't just throwing money out the window. You're not only paying for quality pictures of your wedding day, you're paying to have those precious memories captured just right. You're also paying for a lot more – equipment, an online gallery system, photo editing software, business insurance, blood, sweat, tears, and more. I've got bills to pay, so my packages are priced where they are so I can do that. And let's not forget that 30% of that goes to taxes. ANYWAYS – now that you've made it here, don't be afraid to talk to me. I love what I do so if I can swing it, I want to be the one to give you those beautiful images from your wedding day!

08. How many pictures do we get? Can we print them?
Trust me, you'll get more pictures than you can imagine. I don't put a number on how many images I deliver, but you can expect 50-100 images per hour that I'm at your wedding or event. You'll receive these images 4-6 weeks after your wedding date delivered through an online gallery, where you can download them either to your phone or computer. You can share them allllll you want and print them to your heart's content!

09. Can we meet in person?
I do in-person consultations in Bloomington, so if you're local I'd LOVE to meet for a beer or coffee! If you're located somewhere else around the world, we can set up a phone call or FaceTime/Skype. Once you've booked, we'll be able to get to know each other better at your engagement session!