So you #justsaidyes – now what?!


First, take a minute to soak it in. Go celebrate, whether that’s going out for a fancy dinner or getting take out and cuddling on the couch (highly recommend watching The Office “Niagra” episodes to get the feels goin’). Take a week or a month before you start making a to-do list. Get a manicure and watch that baby sparkle. Ready? Now, let’s get to planning.


This is determined by a few things. Where do you want your wedding to be at? How many people do you want to be there? The bigger costs with wedding planning tend to go hand in hand with your choice of venue and the size of your wedding, so it’s a good place to start when planning. Some couples feel more at home in an intimate setting, while others (I’m talking to you IU Alums) want a big party. Starting here will help you decide what will work best for you both and your budget!

date and venue

These two are the first steps in helping you secure vendors for your day. Most vendors book a year+ in advanced, so it’s likely that if you’re getting engaged now you might not have your first choice of a Saturday in September available. A good alternative would be a Friday or Sunday wedding (it’s not weird, I promise!) or look into the next year to have more options to choose from! You only do this once so don’t be afraid to wait a little longer to get what YOU want! It’ll just give you more time to bask in that engagement bliss ❤️



These wonderful people will be the backbone to your day. Take some time to think about what details are most important to you on your your wedding day, whether that’s having a helping hand around, ah-mazing food, or a photographer to capture everything from the details to the special moments. Below are a few of the vendors you want to start with – from there it’ll all fall into place!

  • Wedding Planner | They’re a fountain of knowledge and basically like your unofficial mom. Wedding planning can be overwhelming (trust me, I know) so it’s nice to have someone who knows what they’re doing to handle the complicated stuff while you enjoy the fun parts!

  • Venue | Your venue will set the tone for your wedding day. It gives your guests a peek into your relationship, whether the venue is the college where you two met or a location that shows off your favorite hobbies. Think old historic mansion for the Harry Potter enthusiasts or a cute campground in the woods for the outdoorsy couple!

  • Photographer | Pictures are important. I’m not just saying that because I’m a photographer, but because I know how much I love flipping through old pictures and reminiscing. Make sure your photographer is someone whos style you love and you feel confident and comfortable with! This is someone who will be by your side ALL DAY so you better like ‘em.

  • Videographer | I’ve never had a couple say they regret GETTING a videographer, just that they regret NOT GETTING one. Having a video of your wedding day is like watching your own love story in movie form and it just makes it 100% more cry worthy. Get the tissues ready.

  • Florist | I’m a sucker for flowers. They help dress up any venue (really, any) and can transform the atmosphere. They bring so much life (and goooood smells) you really can’t go wrong! A good florist will help determine which direction you want to go in, what flowers will be best that time of year, and create a vision that’s perfect for just the two of you.

So recap – figure out a budget, pick a venue and a date, and nail down vendors! Planners, photographers, and florists are the first few to get booked up quickly so don’t wait too long to get yours picked out. Most will have a list of referrals for additional vendors (caterer, DJ, makeup artists, etc.) so don’t be afraid to ask! Lastly…….